Participation À Miss Wheelchair World 2022
13 août ● 14:10
Balance 8 500 XAF
Participation Volontaire
Users 3 / 10000
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Bank account N° : 91516840003-37
Atlantique Bank
Account name : Adpp (association des personnes préférées)

You feel involved in this fight which is to raise the flag 🇨🇲 of our country high in a world competition represented here by @lilian dibo eyong. It is a first in the world for people with disabilities in our country to participate in an international Miss contest and we are proud of it.
Our finalist at Miss Wheelchair World 2022 will defend her project "Accessibility and empowerment for all" and the colors of our country internationally.
Your participation will raise your social side with your customers and partners. It will bring more visibility to your company in a more responsible angle.
To support us you can share or participate directly via the link above 👆👆👆.
For more information contact us by email / +237 658908114
We are open to proposals.
Together we can make this possible


Location Cameroun
dans 19 jours

Les participants

Mami ton

15 août 2022 à 13:35

5 000


13 août 2022 à 18:44

1 500

Miss Wheelchair Cameroon

13 août 2022 à 14:10

2 000