Tomia Zongkazih Eka Chu
21 oct ● 19:33
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Baby Chani was born on August 5 2020 in Yaoundé-Cameroon from a difficult delivery which ended up with a ceserean section. From then, she suffered a condition of insufficient blood circulation to the brain because she didn't breathe in oxygen immediately after she was born. As a result, she went through three blood transfusions and depended exclusively on synthetic oxygen for one month. She gradually recovered and was able to breathe on her own with stable blood circulation to all parts of her body. However, baby Chani at 5months started having frequent seizures and other abnormalities. This situation has caused her parents move from one hospital to another, visiting different specialists for the past 9months seeking for solutions. Despite the numerous therapies and medications, her brain keeps deteriorating to the extent that she cannot sit, open her eyes, make sounds, cry well, open her mouth to eat, she's motionless most times and keeps having frequent seizures and spasms.
Right now, Chani has been diagnosed with intra-cranian pressure caused by hydrocephalus and the neurosurgeon has recommended an urgent brain surgery as a solution to the problem. This surgery and her overall treatment would cost €5000. Given the fact that her parents have exhausted all their finances as they have spent more than one year with her in the hospital, they are therefore desperately in need of financial assistance for their baby's surgery. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Location Yaoundé-Cameroon
12 nov ● 23:00

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