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Jean Baptiste was playing at a family party with his friends when he fell and hit his genitals on a hard block, severely damaging his urethral/urinary canal. He was immediately taken to hospital where emergency surgery was performed to find an alternative way to pee using a urinary catheter in a urine bag. Doctors say there is nothing more they can do to help Jean Baptiste in Cameroon as they do not have the technical platform to do so. The funds needed to get proper treatment abroad are now another challenge for Jean Baptiste's family.

Miss OMBONO VIVIANE Jean Baptiste's mother, is now running out of options and does not have the funds to send her son for treatment abroad.

For more information: Medical quote available
Infoline: 237 698 251 127/ 237 674 267 879


Location Yaoundé Biyem-Assi
dans 21 jours